Who is Ritnery

Aida Ritnery knows & loves style. Launching the online brand “RITNERY™” in 2019 as a means to empower and have a positive impact in people's lives through fashion, style & art, rapidly she has since established herself as the go-to-fashion girl. Aida is inspiring others across the web and in her community boasting a loyal following base who connects with her simplicity yet classy style. She is recognized by her peers, for being joyful and a warm leader. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Massachusetts, Aida credits her style to her Latina essence. Aida Ritnery comes from a family of small business owners and community leaders, who seek to keep alive her family legacy. Given she lost her mother in a fight with cancer she plans to give emotional support through her RITNERY™ designs every year during Cancer Awareness Month (October), with the future goal of given back to cancer patients. Whether you need help putting together an outfit with RITNERY™ premium brand designs, a daily basis projection, guidance with an outfit for a special occasion or even assistance to put together the acing look for a job interview of your life, Aida Ritnery is the go-to-fashion girl you need.   

From runways, television programs, corporate boardrooms to graduating from NECC in Business Management, Aida’s diverse educational and professional experiences have helped to develop her skillset as a brand entrepreneur and personal stylist.

Whether she’s connecting in the digital world or the real world, one thing remains constant: her passion to empower and help others to look and feel their very best.

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